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Dishwasher Repair Services

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Some dishwasher designs use a pump-motor assembly where the pump and motor are built (and replaced) together as a unit. In this design, the pump is external to the dishwasher tub. Other dishwashers designs have a separate motor (external) connected to an internal pump (located just below the spray arms inside the tub. Each design has advantages and disadvantages.

Pump-motor assembly units usually do not develop leaks from the tub gasket, but are prone to leakage from the pump itself. In this case, the entire pump-motor assembly must be replaced.

Units with a separate motor are prone to leakage from the main tub-to-motor gasket. If the leakage continues for long, the motor bearings will rust and the motor must be changed out. Older Kitchenaids and lower end Whirlpool/Kenmores will need dishwasher repair service due to this failure.


No Pumpout

No Water Into Dishwasher

Runs Too Long

Hums Then Shuts Off

Doesn't Clean Dishes Well

Glassware is Cloudy